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Scope Of Services


An expanded list, detailing our capabilities and range of offerings.




Industrial Design, Concepts, and Graphics

        a) Strategies and Research
        b) Conceptualization and Brainstorming
        c) Sketches and Renderings
        d) Aesthetics, Appearance, and Features
        e) Ergonomics, Human Factors, and Use Case Analysis
         f) Evaluation Mockups
        g) Graphic Design and Artwork, including renderings, branding, logos, UI, labels, and packaging
        h) 3D CAD Modeling




Mechanical Engineering and Analysis

        a) Design for Medical, Consumer, Industrial, and Electromechanical
              i) Quality Standards (IEC 60601, 61010 and more, guided by ISO 13485)
        b) Design for Function and Safety
              i) Agency Standards (UL, CE, FDA)
              ii) EMI / EMC
              iii) Fluid Ingress
              iv) Thermal Cooling
              v) Shock/Vibration
              vi) Environmental
        c) Design for Manufacturability and Assembly (DFM and DFA).
              i) Plastics: Injection Molded, Thermoformed, Blow Molded, Gas-Assist
              ii) Metals: Sheet, Formed, Die Cast, Thixomolded, Machined, Metal Injection Molded (MIM)
              iii) Elastomers and Foams: Compression Molded, Die Cut
              iv) Automated Robotic Assembly, Clean Room, Controlled Builds

              v) Ultrasonically Welded and Adhesives
        d) Analysis and Testing
              i) Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
              ii) Thermal Analysis
              iii) Support and Liaison for Agency Testing, Validation Testing, and more
         e) 3D CAD Modeling and 2D Engineering Drawings
             i) Solidworks (default primary CAD software)
             ii) Creo / ProEngineer (secondary CAD software)

         f) Complex Part Design

             i) Mechanisms

             ii) Fluidics

             iii) Automation and Motion

             iv) Structural and Robust Systems

             v) Light Pipes and Illumination

             vi) EMI Shielding




Electrical Engineering

         *We currently partner with an outside group for electrical engineering services.

         a) Systems Architecture

         b) Circuit Design and Processor Board Design

         c) Control Systems

         d) EMC

         e) Signal, RF and Antenna Design

          f) Power Supplies

         g) FPGAs

         h) ...and more.




Software Engineering

        *We currently partner with an outside group for sofware engineering services.

        a) Architecture Design

        b) Microprocessor and DSP

        c) Graphical User Interfaces

        d) Device Drivers

        e) ...and more




Prototype Build and Testing

        a) Assembly and testing
        b) Management of Part Build (3D Printing, Stereolithography, Castings, Sheet Metal, Machining, and more)
        c) Review and evaluation for safety compliances and performance requirements

        d) Liaison for product verification testing and agency safety requirements

        e) Liaison for compliance to medical regulatory requirements such as FDA QSR, IEC 60601, ISO: 13485, 14971, 62304, and 13485




Production Build

        a) Support and Management for Production Manufacturing (U.S. and Overseas Resources)






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