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With an array of client companies, our resulting product portfolio is quite varied, literally from toothbrushes to life-saving medical devices. It would seem that the commonality between all is anything made of plastic and metal, which is accurate in itself, but that would not explain the unique challenges nor honor the in-depth engineering poured into each creation. Making products useful, elegant, robust and filled with purpose is our goal. A sample of our work is shown below.

You can also see what we've done for select clients here.

We've also been modestly recognized with a handful of industry awards that can be seen here.

Medical Equipment

Diagnostics, Treatment, Life Support, Monitoring, Laboratory, Therapeutic 

Household Consumer Goods

Tools, Toys, Sports Equipment, Travel and Recreational Accessories, Hygiene Products

Consumer Electronic Products

Appliances, Remote Controls, Home Security, Touch Screen Monitors, Entertainment Consoles

Industrial Equipment

Robotics, Building Security, Laboratory Equipment, Manufacturing Fixtures, Test Apparatuses

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