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It's really about what we can do for you.

Everyone Is An Expert At Something


This is our wheelhouse. Whether it's precision medical equipment, stylish consumer products, or rugged industrial tools, we design and engineer the product for you from concept to production or assist anywhere in between. We are your extended team, quietly working behind the scenes for you. Founded in 1998, we are a well-established award-winning product design group and a contract partner that works with you and for you. Good design is at the core of every product's success, and through design, we help our clients create, succeed, and impress.



Seasoned Staff

Experts & Expertise

Proven Processes


Product development requires effective core processes. With so many products and clients, we have learned what works and what doesn't. Furthermore, our team consists of only highly experienced designers and engineers, all proven professionals. We insert our expertise into your team or take on your entire design and engineering needs. Use us a little or a lot. It's our pleasure.



Used By Top Brand Names

Customer-Driven Goals

Referrals & Return Customers


We work behind the scenes helping our clients to develop their products, and they keep coming back. Over 90% of our new projects originate from repeat business and referrals. With dozens of our designed products already successfully sold into the market by our clients, you can be confident of having a partner that stays focused on your goals until the successful end!

Practical Qualities


Reduces Your Staff's Burdens

Affordable & Convenient

Top Tier Results 


You seek outside help for a reason. We use our equipment, space, and expertise, thus minimizing your resource burdens. We tailor our rates to fit within your plan and focus on your schedule, not ours. Using our services is simple and requires little from you beyond knowing what you want. Your specifications and requirements become the rule, and meeting them is our job.

Our Team


Minimal by design. We are a contractor design group that becomes your extended team and partner. We work with you and for you. Hire us as needed and no longer than necessary. We enjoy helping you succeed, and it's in our own best interest when you do.

Owner / Director

Joe Kapushion


Joe is a seasoned product developer with 35+ years of experience. He has been the mechanical engineer and/or designer on over 150 products for more than 100 companies. He has been named on 17 patents and a few industry awards. Starting with a BS degree in mechanical engineering, Joe spent his first 12 years developing household consumer products, then added 23+ years in medical devices and electro-mechanical equipment. Today, with a full toolbox of skills in design, engineering, and business management, Joe has been directing his own design firm for the past 25+ years. He employs himself and a pool of other talented professionals, creating great products for great companies.


Industrial Design, Concepts, Graphics


Our designers are driven to explore and create. Each is well-rounded and well-traveled having made many trips around the block so to speak. With keen market knowledge and end-user awareness, they know what comes next in a new or evolutionary product. Each designer is accomplished and energizing. They set the product trajectory, defining features, aesthetics, and ergonomics. All downstream players follow this path, so their visions must be appealing, well thought out, and realistic. Their effect on the process and its outcome cannot be emphasized enough. Therefore, each designer in our group has proven talent with years of successful outcomes, not just miles traveled. 


Mechanical, Electrical, Software


We are proud of our engineers. Engineers must get it right with the smallest margins of error because their output is ultimately manufactured. We realize you have large risks tied to production tooling costs, safety liabilities and your company's reputation. We, and you, can't afford to rely on beginners. Each of our engineers has a proven record of accomplishments and successes. Using SolidWorks as our primary CAD tool, we supply all the data and documentation needed for analysis, prototyping, manufacturing, and quality control. While mechanical engineering is our forte, our team is complimented by partnered electrical and software engineers as we offer total product solutions.

Partners / Vendors

Manufacturers, Technical Experts


Being in product development for two to three decades, we have come to know many reliable resources and experts that are called upon to handle specialized and necessary tasks that arise. Product development takes a village. As our client, you automatically become the beneficiary of a proven network of individuals and vendors that play important roles in the process. This might include manufacturing and assembly, packaging, material selection, shock and vibration analysis, computational fluid dynamics, optics and more. These areas can make or break product outcomes which will affect your return on investment and success. These resources are part of the team and contribute as needed.

Tale of a design warrior


“The product's clever simplicities are a visible attribute to the designer's stubborn spirit. Adding bold yet quiet features, the designer creates with confidence using distinction as a favorite color.”


– j. kapushion, snowcloned from j. iron word

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