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Working behind the scenes, we design and engineer products for companies and manufacturers. We supplement your existing team or will take on your entire project. We get you from concept to production or assist anywhere in between. Give us a call to discuss how our services help you actualize your ideas, create the real products, and get them launched into production.

Conceptual Design


Industrial Design: Features, Aesthetics, Ergonomics


We work with you to establish the vision of the product. This is where the look, feel, and features originate, spawning evolutionary and sometimes revolutionary next generation products. We'll create a fresh and refined conceptual direction that is appealing, exciting, and realistic, enabling all downstream team members to excel and succeed.  Read More >

Detailed Engineering


Mechanical, CAD, DFM, DFA, Electrical, Software


We design and engineer the functions and structure, and make the product manufacturable. Using SolidWorks as our primary CAD tool, we provide all CAD data and drawings needed for prototyping and production. To go along with our full suite of mechanical engineering services, we partner with electrical and software engineers to offer total product solutions.  Read More >

Fabrication and Testing


Prototyping, Testing, Analysis, Production Support


We utilize internal resources as well as manage offsite vendors to build and test the product. This includes rapid prototyping, manufacturing, function and fit studies, finite element analysis (FEA), thermal studies, EMC testing, verification testing and more. We can also help you through all product standards leading to agency approvals and certifications.  Read More >

Graphics and Packaging


Artwork, Renderings, Marketing Materials, Packaging


A product not seen will be a product not sold. It's purpose, usage, and functions must be clear and understood. We produce photo-realistic renderings, assembly instructions, labels, promotional literature, sales packaging, company identity materials, logos, web content and more. We can help explain, display, and promote your product to your target audience.  Read More >

Customer Success Manifesto

Our "Customer Success" policy is based on a very simple principle: Put the customer’s success first and everything else will follow. It's a motivational process that galvanizes the entire value chain in contract product development. It places the customer’s goals at the center, focusing on their expectations, interests, and satisfaction. This establishes a unifying framework, a mindset, and protocol through which all services are delivered.


Not only is it an ethical obligation to help you succeed, it is in our own best interest. When your needs are met and your business succeeds and grows, we benefit through repeat business, referrals, and by furthering an industry reputation. Plus, it just feels good to do great work. 

When you win, we win as well. This is why we work hard for Customer Success!

You seek outside help for a reason. Expect our best. It's our professional obligation and a shining opportunity.

- Joe Kapushion, Owner & Director

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