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A Few Of Our Clients, What We Did, And The Industries We Served


We've had the privilege of assisting many great companies. Our clients are the heart of our business and we value every one of them. Spanning the areas of medical, consumer, electro-mechanical, and industrial, we reach for excellence with every customer, big or small. Assisting you in achieving your product goals is our goal as we strive to gain favor and secure your repeat business. Just as fulfilling, we are honored to have played a significant role in creating important and useful products for people in many areas of their lives.

Health Diagnosis and Treatment


We assisted on a big project, literally. Big in scope and size, the size of a car. Philips needed exterior covers for their new SPECT full body image scanner. We helped engineer the covers, some of which required precise movements during operation. It was a successful, albeit complex, puzzle of functional and decorative panels.

Hand Tools


We had the pleasure of working with Stanley to engineer several different hand saws. For a hack saw, we developed a special tension lever. Other saws needed unique overmolded grips, while all of them had to be and absolutely were engineered with Stanley quality.

Automobiles and Related Parts


Cars consist of many parts that are in our wheelhouse of expertise. For Honda and their manufacturer, we finalized the design on a dozen different sunroof wind deflectors. Each deflector had to have a unique pre-warped curvature that not only improved but enabled the manufacturing of each one.

Waterproof Protective Cases


Otterbox cases are revered in the industry. Our role was to engineer the designs for two camera-sized waterproof cases. Equaling Otterbox's existing in-house part quality and tone was a must, complete with over-molded gasket seals and robust latches.

Electrical Test Instruments


Keithley products span an extensive range of electrical test instruments and systems used for high-performance production testing, process monitoring and research. Working through their partner, Picosecond Pulse Labs, we designed and engineered two separate rackmount and desktop enclosures complete with new user interfaces, aesthetics, EMI shielding and robust structures. 

Oral Hygiene Products


Colgate is an American staple giving us products that have touched our lives for decades. We worked out various engineering elements on their "Colgate 360" toothbrushes which included complex overmolding and intricate details. We improved the part design with better molding shutoffs, draft angles and material thicknesses.

Luggage and Travel Accessories


American Tourister, in conjunction with Samsonite, manufactures world-leading luggage and travel accessories. We contributed by engineering a few of the American Trourister branded cases.

Consumer and Industrial Tools


A brand launched by Lowes and J.H. Williams, Kobalt successfully competes with the top brand tool makers. We contributed by providing engineering design for a few of their two-shot handles and grips found on their drywall trowels and finishing tools.

Surgical, Imaging, and Diagnostics


Hologic needed a new breast biopsy system consisting of a motorized biopsy device attached to a mobile diagnostics system. This work requires a team of talented individuals. Our role was to assist in the development of the mobile system which included conceiving the overall framework as well as performing detailed engineering for many of its components. Our other efforts focused on elements of the motorized biopsy device. This was a two-year effort with multiple patents awarded. We were proud to be a part of it.

Home Appliances


Growing up with Maytag products and finally able to contribute, this role was limited but important. We helped design and engineer the user interface panels for two dishwashers, Maytag dishwashers nonetheless.  

Luggage and Travel Accessories


We have engineered lots of luggage cases through the years. Samsonite has been one of the best to work with. It's been a long relationship, employed and as contract services. Designing luggage with and for Samsonite has been an honor.

Medical Devices and Instruments 


There is a lot going on in this large medical company, a global leader in surgical and healthcare equipment that has recently combined with Medtronic. Working primarily with the respiratory group of Covidien, we helped design and engineer a few different devices and appliances and also performed analysis and testing.

Office Products


Originally named Eldon, Rolodex makes a wide range of office products and other useful items. A fun and simple project for us, we provided engineering design for a children's crayon box. It was a durable see-through plastic box with snap-in crayon slots.

Juvenile and Childcare Products


We have designed and engineered dozens of children's products over the years. For Evenflo, one of our projects was to engineer a multi-speed motorized child swing which included the task of devising a new motor mechanism that keeps the seat swinging and modulating at pre-selected speeds. This resulted in a patented design.

Medical Devices and Equipment


For the MiniMed product line of Medtronic, we spent a year developing a new enclosure for a hospital-bedside glucose monitor for diabetic patients. This required tirelessly fine-tuning the lighting of the user interface, splash-proofing the seals, venting the electronic heat build-up, maintaining the aesthetics and making the connector interfaces robust. A success in the end and proud of it. 

Hard Disk Drives


Having since been purchased by Seagate, Maxtor was the world's third largest hard disk drive manufacturer. We provided mechanical engineering support for a variety of projects and tasks. Precision engineering at its core.

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